Biography of R. Vanlalzauva, Director, MFM

To be the youngest of the 9 siblings, Mr. R. Vanlalzauva was born on November 1953 at Biate village between Mr. Laibata and Mrs. Lalruaii,  Owing to his mother prayers, he became a member of the Gospel Tigers Team in 1973.  In 1975, he left his home being a singer/soloist venture throughout the vast and variant places of Mizoram including Manipur, Tripura and Nagaland. India

In 1980, he left the Gospel Tigers team and fully dedicated his missionary work in MEA (Mizo Evangelical Association) and “Nunna Lal Chhungkua”. He got married to B.Lalremtluangi   in 1982 and was blessed with 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Receiving a call from God in 1991 he relegated to Presbyterian Church and resided at Dawrpui Vengthar. Alongwith his missionary service he earned his livelihood as one comedian member called “Thangkura Drama Party”. He left his comedian life in 1993 and dedicated his whole service to Missionary Gospel.

Due to his selfless service he was appointed as Synod Revival Speaker in 1995 till 2009. Since then, he had been  rendering lone service within the state as well as abroad like Israel, UK, Burma, Bangladesh and USA till date.

( Preaching in one of the biggest church in Aizawl, Zarkawt Presbyterian church, Commissioning Missionary)


Being a gifted composer, he composed more than 70 hymns which he sang himself. He also engaged other gospel singers to sing his hymns by C. Lalhmingmawii, Hlutei, Lianthangpuii, R.Lalbiaksanga and Vanlalsailova. Having a good voice he also rendered his service to this cause since 1975 till date. Invited by the All India Radio he recorded more than 100 hymns at Aizawl, Guwahati, Shillong, and Imphal with great glamour from his listeners and was promoted to ‘B’ High Grade Artist. His hymns cause conversion of many.

Gospel Audio Album by Mr R.Vanlalzauva & His wife B.Lalremtluangi, all time Gospel popular songs among the mizo chirstians  



Having a singer wife, both husband and wife release their hymns of Vol.1-Vol.8 which became extremely popular. He also release his own composed hymns in a separate album.

Well Known singer among the Mizo’s
He is the Founder President of Mizo Singer Association
Non Official member for All India Radio for selection committee for 5 years ( 1987 – 1992)

( His songs (composed by Mr R.Vanlalzauva) were made into Gospel Album which got the Best album of the year by Rimawi Khawvel 2006, Mizoram)


  1. In 1973 he formed a Biate Male Voice that became well known so much and performed at the Central KTP Conference in 1975, 1976, 1977 and 1978.

2.In 1998, God gave him a Vision to start a  Discipleship Training  at  Sihphir, Neihboi Mizoram and named it a Discipleship Training Institute. Up till date there are more than 1000 had been trained, who became Pastor, Evangelist and Church elders. It become the first Discipleship training school in the state of Mizoram.

3.In 1999, He had more burden for the Drug addiction among youth here in Mizoram so he started  a Drug addiction Centre called Pisgah Reformatory Home, about 550 patients inmates have been taking care of Pisgah Home till today.

In 2001,he attended a Leadership Training in California, UAS, God gave him s Vision to start a Tent making Ministry at his hometown, He doen’t have any money to start an organization, he prayed for about a two months with fasting, the Vision was very clear form God that, God is going to work and use his ministry very powerful to be a blessing of others, so by Faith on 15th Sept 2002  he started a Faith Based Organisation called Mission foundation Movement (MFM),at   Bawngkawn with the Motto of ‘Hard Labor For Christ’ I Cor 15:

Its been 10 yrs now, about 380 of the successful trainee are now working as a Missionary in various parts of India and abroad, about 220 of them are successfully complete various training courses, God is doing miraculously in his Ministry.

Because of his selfless service, the Mizoram Synod recognized his work and organised their joint venture as Synod Partnership. Besides these, the prominent NGO of Mizoram Central YMA and Labour and Employment Department introduced Masonry training in which 380 youths earned their livelihood in this.

During his visit of USA in 2002, he realized the importance of fellowship between different sex and denominations to which he dedicated himself for this cause. In 2007, this Para Church fellowship became All Mission and Evangelical Network (AMEN) in which now there are 16 Para church members. His wife was given a vision for Orissa for the spread of the Love of Christ. This project was taken up in 2009 at Khandanal District. This project is solely for the persecuted Christian from outside. Now there are 10 Missionaries residing in this area. Rendering help in any matter required like building churches, houses, medical services.


( Speaking & sharing the Gospel among Khandamal District Orissa, Christian persecuted people)


(Speaking in TAFTEE Trainee–Correspondence bible course, which he is the Centre Director in Mizoram)

( Evangelizing the Gospel at Aizawl, College Veng Presbyterian Church)


( Chaka Tribes, followers of Buddhist take baptism in his Crusade )

(During his Crusade, showing the Congregation to Martyr cloth’s from Orissa Christian persecution )


(Received an honorary degree of B.Mis with his wife at 2013)


( Organised a Holy Land Tour for Mizo Pastor’s at 2011, Jordan River, Israel)


In the project for Gospel for India, he distributed the Holy Bible and Gandhi’s Bible to 450 Indian Members of Parliament in 2011.

(MFM Missionaries are packing Gandhi bible’s and Holy Bible for MP’s at New Delhi,2012)

(Visit William Carey’s house at Northamptonshire, UK)


(During his Gospel campaign, he’s showing a Mizo Martyr cloth, challenging the congregation to go out as  a Missionaries )



(Gospel healing crusade at Banderban, Bangladesh with his Wife Mrs B.Lalremtluangi)

( Mission campaign at Ramhlun North Presbyterian church, Aizawl October 2008)



( Church Elder Ordination by Moderator, Aizawl Chhim Presbytery, Mizoram Presbyterian Synod 2012)

Together with his friend singer Zirsangzela Hnamte they formed Mizo Zaimi Inzawmkhawm Organisation in which he became the Founder President.

White being in the Gospel Tigers Teams, to obtain their financial support he founded The Thangkura Drama Party which was taken up for 10 years for their soul supporter. Up till now became a prominent Comedian Party.

In 2004, he introduced a project known as Community Development Action reflection for which he invited expert personnel who would dedicated themselves to alleviate the status of Farmers. This project is now under the Self help Group DRDA Aizawl in which different trainings were organised like Terracing Organic Farming under the supervision of his secretary P.C. Lalawmpuii. He set up a Crushing Machine for ginger at Tuirial in which he is the Chairman/Director.

He maintain a Revival a weekly since 1996 for every Sunday Issue  under the Supervision of The Revival Team for which Vanglaini Daily has taken up since 2005.



  • Dam chhung ni chhiar Dan – 2002 (Teach us to number our days)
  • Kan Mission Field chu – 2006(Our Mission Field)
  • In Dam tlang em in chhungkua (Is your family well ?)
  • Li Thuk lamah – 2010 (Into the deep water)
  • Vanlalzauva leh a hlate -2001 (R.Vanlalzauva and his songs)

The third book which he published “ In chhungkua in damtlang em ? (Is your family well) is taught in various churches among the church members. In Manipur it has been translated in their own dialogue by the Mizo Welfare and utilized it in their Sunday school teaching.